Hustler x5 electric motorcycle advanced stylish sport

In the automotive world in particular motorcycles seem to start leads to the generation of electric power motor bearing. And this is shown by the bike manufacturer newly created Hannebrink motor sport model with an electric motor.

With a designer named Danish enterprise team and create an electric motor succeeded Hannebrink debut under the name Hustler X 5. This latest creations at once proves the seriousness of being able to compete with the Hanebrink competitors in world motor generate generation environmentally friendly motors. As reported by Autoevolution.

Hustler X 5 is designed in the form of motor sport complete with sports such as motor racing-faired. honda cbr300r price in philippines The aerodynamic body shape and sturdy is believed able to bulldoze the bend at high speed.

Electric Motor Hustler X 5 that has the form body motor sport is very different from motor sport on normally. If the weight of a motor sport 150cc motorbike class alone could reach 100 kg more, Hustler X 5 have only 54.4 kg weights. And the manufacturer claims the first electric motor is able to bring the driver to travel the distances as far as 311 Km. Yamaha YZF R3 price in Philippines

Hustler X 5 who can afford sped up to top speed 130 km/h this will start to end the first quarter later marketed by 2013 at a price of $ 16,940.

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