Zero Motorcycle Released the Zero S 2013 Electric Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles release Zero S 2013 . Streetfighter's power increased 99%. Zero S 2013, the electric motorcycle that gets 137 miles (over 220 km) in the city. This makes the electric motor bikes cruising the farthest.

Zero Motorcycles to put the new Z-Force motors to achieve the performance leap. Air-cooled motors and small dimension. Z-Force was also present in the ranks of Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles for the model 2013.

2013 Zero S Batteries can be charged up to 95 percent in an hour or less if using CHAdeMO charging stations. Design Zero S, now, more cool. Motorists can use the iPhone or Android phones via Bluetooth.

"With a cruising range to 137 miles, a maximum speed of 183 kph and CHAdeMO, Zero S 2013 is really remarkable," said Richard Walker, CEO of Zero Motorcycles.

Sold in North America in January 2013 and in Europe the following month. However, U.S. consumers could order it from now on. 2013 Zero S priced from U.S. $ 13,995.

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