VW VW Golf BlueMotion 2014 in the category of Most Economical Cars

If you're looking for a super fuel efficient car (fuel oil) have patience waiting for the VW Golf BlueMotion 2014. Fuel Consumption 2014 VW Golf Blue Motion touching 31.26 km / liter, claimed as one of the most economical cars.

Capitalized 1.6 L TDI diesel engine (110 hp) is the result of the development of the EA288 engine series. Fuel consumption is down 15% from the previous model, the second generation. With a fuel tank volume of 50 liters, the car could theoretically roam up to 1561 km.

While CO2 emissions are 85 g / km, down 14 g / km. Kitchen runway spewing torque 250 Nm at 1500-2750 rpm.

VW cut frontal area of ​​0.03 m2 car and wind drag coefficient (Cd) fell 10% from the regular Golf to 0.27. Compared to the Golf, Golf Blue Motion improved aerodynamics by lowering the car 15 mm high, install a rear spoiler, a new grille, and others.

VW plant a 5-speed manual transmission, and a battery regeneration system Start / Stop, which is believed able to save on fuel consumption. The use of air barriers scroll tire is low (low rolling resistance) with high-pressure air and car weight trimming contributed to the austerity program.

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