VW prepare engines diesel 2-cylinder for the Up

In the past year Fiat  managed to make the petrol engine  875 TwinAir cc twin-cylinder turbocharged, Volkswagen now turn followed with 2-cylinder diesel engine will be embedded in their minicar products, Up.

Head of R & D VW, Ulrich Hackenberg, said that the machine is an adaptation of the engine on the vehicle XL1 concept. VW prefer diesel because they are known to 'specialize' for the engine.

In addition, the use of diesel is also more efficient and fit for weights up that only about half a ton. While Fiat TwinAir is claimed to be almost 24 km / liter. But while automotive media Greencarreports test, the engine's fuel consumption of no more than 14 km / liter.

In addition to 2-cylinder engine, VW also introduced a 3-cylinder engine similar to the 4-cylinder, making it easy to install in existing vehicles.  

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