Venus Palermo, Teen Poland Similar Doll

Venus Palermo, 15-year-old Polish girl became famous in internet after he uploaded some video tips on how to dress up like a puppet to the site Youtube. In total more than 30 million times a video was watched.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Friday (26/10), teenage students from Brixton Capital southwest London, England, is famous because he explains the steps as closely as possible with the doll dress. Venus likes to decorate everyday doll-like face with makeup.

Venus also said he mastered five languages​​. During this time he studied at home with his mother. They both claim to be happy choosing costumes together. "I think everyone can be whatever they want.'s Also not a dangerous act," said Margaret. Harga Sony Xperia M2 Second

In the interview dressed as Venus Japanese Geisha doll. He wore a kimono, stockings and wigs.

Although many praise and fascinated by the appearance and capabilities of Venus, some are criticizing the actions that innocent girl. "You look like a freak. You do not have a father and mother treat you like a puppet. Should you not 
upload this video," said one comment on Youtube. Harga Xiaomi Mi 4 Second


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