The use of magnets in destroying tumor

Magnets have the power to destroy cancer cells. So the use of magnets raised the idea as a new revolution to fight the deadly disease.

As researchers from South Korea, they are developing a magnetic method to trigger cancer cells self-destruct. They also plan to test the technique using magnets in destroying tumors.

As reported by the Daily Mail (09/10), programmed cell death known as apoptosis itself. Apoptosis is the body's natural way to get rid of damaged cells, old, and infected. In a certain way the signal was given, the damaged cells then shrunk and fragmented. After that, cell fragments ingested by immune cells like Amoba.

However, if a person has cancer, apoptosis process often fails. So the cell becomes uncontrollable.

The good news, there is a new magnetic therapy that involves the creation of iron nano particles attached to the antibody. Iron nano particles were then bind to molecules on tumor cells.

When the magnet is turned on, the entire group into one molecule and ultimately trigger 'signal destruction.' This process also raised hopes of cancer treatment that can kill tumor cells that are resistant to chemotherapy.

"This Korean researchers develop antibodies that are activated by a magnetic system, so cancer cells can destroy itself," said Henry Scowcroft of Cancer Research UK who was not involved research.

Another positive side of the research that has been reported in the journal Nature Materials also says there is no healthy cells were destroyed in the process of magnetic treatment. In addition, although studies have not yet been tested in humans, at least this amazing discovery gives great hope for people with cancer.

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