Swift 4X4 all-wheel drive from suzuki

Japanese car manufacturer, Suzuki, Back said the new variant of the Suzuki Swift city car. This time Suzuki Swift comes with four-wheel drive capability (AWD). The new variant is named Suzuki Swift 4 × 4 Outdoor.

Based on statements from the Suzuki Swift 4 × 4 Outdoor been officially introduced to the public a few days ago in Carrara, Italy. to model Suzuki Swift 4 × 4 Outdoor as the third generation comes with a 5-door hatchback concept. So that was launched Inautonews.

Suzuki Swift 4 × 4 Outdoor also has got a touch of design as applied to the Volkswagen Cross range, Audi Allroad or also on a Subaru Outback. this was confirmed from the form of bumper, fender edge to the grille wrapped in matte black color combination.

For business does not seem to rely on a source of energy capacity of 1.5 liter engine again. But Suzuki Swift 4 × 4 Outdoor will be equipped with fuel-efficient engines with a capacity of 1.3 liter four-cylinder. The machine is said to be able to generate a power of 94 hp and will be distributed to all four wheels.

Suzuki Party promised in the near future will soon show detailed specifications along with pricing info will be priced Suzuki Swift 4 × 4 Outdoor.  

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