Onyx - Three-wheel scooter hybrid design Peugeot

Peugeot is designing a three-wheeled scooter, which was given the name Onyx. With two wheels in front and one rear wheel looks a glance looks like a MP3 from Piaggio.

The concept of hybrid
with driving Onyx, with a body made of carbon fiber. Scooter is equipped with a 400 cc petrol engine and produces 60 PS power and torque of 57 Nm, and is able lauched up to 150 km / h. There is no detailed information about this electric motor.

These scooters can be driven by two fashion choices, namely Sport and Urban. When sport mode is activated, the position like a spur ride a motorcycle, the position of the body slightly to the rear. In contrast, when using Urban mode or scooter, body and legs slightly forward.

Peugeot claims fuel consumption 50 km / liter, according to the European test standards. When using pure electrical energy, one can charge the battery for a distance of 30 km. Furthermore, when relying on gasoline from the tank, the distance can reach 500 km.

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