Looks Honda Zoomer X scooter Stylish Futuristic Adventure

Honda Zoomer-X finally reveal the original look. Being concept bike Honda Zoomer-X has appeared in the Bangkok International Motor Show 2012 in March.

Paras Honda Zoomer-X does not differ much from the form of concept. The design suggests a model adventure bike with futuristic design using a base motorcycle or scooter automatically.

Zoomer-X with a unique lighting design shaped like an octagon. While console meter looks minimalist approach futuristic style, such as forming the letter "X".

Like the genre of adventure sports scooter, Zoomer-X also wear long-type front fork upside down, complete with handlebar bar. While the wheels fitted with 12-inch diameter alloy wheels.

Armed with PGM-FI injection engine with 110 cc V-Matic transmission (CVT). This machine has a record manufacturers claimed fuel 53 km / liter.

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