Looks Honda CBR 500 and CB500 unfold

Much speculation among sport bike riders say the presence of the Honda CBR500 is going to be real. With the revelation of this photo allegedly myopic little Honda CBR500 is who will fill the space between 250cc to 650 cc in the market.

But not only the CBR500 a picture surfacing, but also Honda CB500 street fighter with a modern appearance can also be seen. Given to variants Honda CB rely average classic or retro look.

Honda CBR500  comes as a replacement variant is CBR400 expected to again dominate the sport bike class one level above a lively 250cc used. Honda CBR500 will use the engine capacity of 470cc 2-cylinder liquid-cooled.

The machine uses a 6 speed transmission system will be able to produce peak power of 47 hp with a peak torque of 40 Nm. Power generated is obviously more powerful than the Honda CBR250R currently outstanding with 26 hp.

 Honda claims the parties, with CBR500 engine performance is able to achieve a peak speed of 169 km / h. Then for the legs will use size 17 inch alloy wheels with tire profile 120/70 front and 160/60 for the rear tires. Rumors fuel consumption average and Honda CB500 Honda CBR500 is approximately 27.2 km / lt.

For specifications of the Honda CB500 is expected to equal the CBR500. Because Honda CB500 is said to be naked bike version of the CBR500 or equal-6n Kawasaki EN and EN-6f.

For that both types of motors is expected to be launched simultaneously in India by 2013 and will be manufactured at the Honda plant in Thailand such as the Honda CBR250R.


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