Honda NSC 50 R: Scooters in Fierce Competition

Fierce competition in class 50cc scooter in Europe answered by Honda , Honda released NSC50R. Honda NSC50R , Honda believes will dominate the market because it offers some of the factors that must be owned by a scooter.

The first factor is reasonably priced, the next design of the 'dazzling' eyes, low operating costs, strong engine performance and easy to use. Above all, the durability factor, reliability and quality must be owned by a scooter. And, Honda claims all these factors owned Honda NSC50R.

Honda NSC50R design combines form of curves and angles so it looks unique on the road, let alone wear seraga MotoGP race. He looks cool with the 5-spoke alloy wheels diameter 14 ".

At the bottom mounted engine 49cc scooter, 4-stroke, SOHC, PGM-FI, air-cooled. Bore and stroke 37.8mm x 44mm, while the compression ratio is 10.1:1. Power and torque are issued each 3.5 hp at 8250 rpm and 3.5 Nm available at 7000 rpm.

Fuel consumption 49.8 km / liter. Volume 5.5 liter gas tank that can take you wander far as 273 km.

A trunk that can hold a full-face hel hidden under the seat. Rate freeze motorcycle brakes Were Left to CBS (Combined Braking System), which connects the front hydraulic disc brakes with rear drum brakes.

And can choose the color of Boss Grey Metallic, Pearl White, or MotoGP Repsol Honda.

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  2. Is this available in USA ?


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