Honda CR-Z Mugen is more powerful and sporty

Honda CR-Z Mugen in addition to having more sporty appearance, the heart is also said to spur more powerful than the standard version. Extra power generated is obtained from the addition of the supercharger. So that was reported by auto evolution.

For engines still rely on the capacity of 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor. But thanks to the use of energy booster compressor power is now produced 156 hp. In other words, the total power combined with an electric motor, Honda CR-Z Mugen can generate power 176 hp.

Engine performance will be supported by the exterior design that has higher levels of aerodynamic. As the hood, mirrors, rear wing and side skirts using carbon fiber materials to reduce the weight of the car. Then the fog lights are more aggressive and wide and then at the front and rear bumpers have been redesigned typical Mugen.

For the stability when driving fast, in addition to wing sport rear bumper diffuser also have adopted a well decorated F1 style brake light. Different impression of the more sporty and is also shown by the use of a set of alloy wheels measure 17 inches double spokes models.

There are little touches in the cabin with the addition of blue accents. There are indicators supercharger controller attached to the top of the dashboard. 

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