Ten antique and classic cars in the world

Giving the impression of special classic cars that make us feel a certain satisfaction than having a modern car. behind the appearance of luxury, exotic shapes, unique and historic value, make a classic car is a valuable investment in the future. Here are 10 classic cars and antique coolest in the world:

1. Mini Cooper

This little classic car produced by the company BMC in 1959 and is regarded as an icon of British cars. Mini Cooper has several variants and models. The form is simple and makes a unique look very classic mini cooper. Mini cooper is one of classic and antique cars in the world that demand a lot of people.

2. Corvette Sting Ray

Corvette Sting Ray was one of classic and antique cars in the world. The design is antique, elegant and sporty make this car attracted attention. Corvette Sting Ray produced by General Motors-United from 1962 to 1967 so that the car is very limited. Corvette Sting Ray is often used in making films in America because Sporty and classic design.

3. Jaguar MK II

Known as the Jaguar luxury cars and expensive cars. Since the beginning of production, Jaguar concept car as a luxury car, like a Jaguar MK II were produced in 1959. Jaguar MK II includes classic and antique cars in the world. Jaguar MKII manufactured by a company in Coventry, England. With this type of sedan, Jaguar MKII looks very classic and luxurious are a favorite of celebrities.

4.  Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type was also one of classic and antique cars in the world. Jaguar E-Type appeared with a sleek, coupe-shaped roof, was impressed because of its attractive feminine. Jaguar E-Type to begin production in 1961 and 1975 and included in the "100 most beautiful cars" version of the Daily Telegraph in 2008.

5. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

Nearly identical to Ferrari racing cars at high speed. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is classic and antique cars in the world from Italy. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso produced in 1963 until 1964. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso performed with charming designs, antique, classic elegant and very impressed.

6. Porsche 911 - 1964

Porsche is one of the world famous car brands from Germany. Germany also produces luxury cars and famous brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and others. Porsche 911 production in 1964 is also one of the coolest vintage and antique cars in the world. Version of the Porsche 911 was produced until now, of course with a more modern design, but do not leave the form (model) of the original predecessor. Porshce 911 that produced a lot of interest in 1964 and became the most sought after classic cars for classic car lovers.

7. Citroen DS

Citroen DS is one of classic and antique cars in the world. Citroen DS is an executive and luxury car produced by the French car manufacturing in 1955. Citroen DS Design deemed outstanding for the year 50'an the sedan. Citroen DS is in great demand for classic car lovers.

8. Cord - L-29 Phaeton

Cord is one of the American automobile brand produced by the Auburn Automobile Company from 1929 to 1937. Cord with type L-29 Phaeton that created in 1929 is one of the classic cars in the world. Design L-29 Phaeton is very unique, antique and classic with a long hood and a big V8 wheels. L-29 Phaeton overwhelming favorite in the official state occasions and is very strong with typical royal car.

9. Cord 812 Sedan (Supercharged)

812 Sedan (Supercharged) is one of the coolest vintage and antique cars in the world. Cord 812 Sedan (Supercharged) was produced in 1937 with impressive designs and highly distinctive. In 1996, Cord 812 Sedan (Supercharged) has been named as "The Single Most Beautiful American Car" by American Heritage magazine.

10. 1927 Ford Model T

Ford Model T was the coolest classic cars in the world. You remember "Lizzie" one car in the animated film Cars made ​​by Pixar Studio? Yes, that's him, the Ford Model T that was produced in 1927 has called "Tin Lizzie". Ford Model T is the form of the original model made ​​since 1907 that has undergone improvements of design and function. It is a luxury car and exceptional, and seem very antique and classic. Ford Model T produced by Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company, one of the world famous car brand of American origin. The design is very classic Ford Model T with a small wheel to the size of a car.

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