Ferrari F70 Will Be the fastest on the road

Ferrari said it will launch the fastest road car at the Detroit Motor Show 2013, January. Enzo-based supercar's successor model will carry hybrid technology combined gasoline engine and electric.

A source reveals Ferrari's fastest car is capable of producing power 900 hp. Although it was not clear who would be given a name, but Italian media suspect newest supercar will be called the F70 electrically.

When ambition is reached then the F70 will beat the performance of the model F12 Berlinetta (740 hp). Machines used for the F70 is none other than the latest petrol engine V-12 direct-injection. This machine combined with a high-performance hybrid system known Ferrari as the HY-KERS . 

Ferrari hopes the use of super-lightweight chassis is capable of producing weight approached Enzo, which is 1365 kgHarga Samsung Galaxy S4 Second Light weight is important for the F70 supercar because it would burden the hybrid system weighs approximately 150 kg.

According to Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa, lightweight chassis developed from carbon fiber applied on racing cars Formula One (F1) combined Resin Transfer Molding commonly used.

Meanwhile, to sustain energy for hybrid electric system, Ferrari will receive a supply of lithium-ion battery from Samsung ElectronicsHarga Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Second However, this energy storage device must be assembled at the headquarters before transplanted into F1 Ferrari F70.  

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