Ducati Diavel for real man

Ducati Diavel. Comes with sporty elegant design, Ducati Diavel Chrome are more sweep on the real men who love life is full of challenges. But the particular challenges in adventurous or Touring. Not only has the engine Testatretta L-Twin cylinder capacity of 1198cc, but a series of technology has come stuffed.

Engine performance on the Ducati Diavel is able to generate power 162 hp at 9500 rpm, with peak torque reached 127 Nm at 8000 rpm. Advanced technology that is included as a driving modes can be adapted to the road conditions and rider wishes .

The Mode has a chance to electronically so easily operated. There are three settings/mode that can be set in between the Urban, Touring and Sport. I move this mode only a push button on the left handlebar steering wheel.

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