BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition For cruising Above the snow

BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition  - BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition is designed for surfing on snow in the winter without losing the pleasure of driving.

With xDrive BMW X1 is believed to be easily passed on a snowy track. Offering appealing designs and attractive striping with Powder posts Ride Edition.

Uniquely on the roof of the BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition plus innovative roof-rack. There are racks and ski equipment from the Harman-Kardon audio. By chanting the songs of the Harman-Kardon will add to the enjoyment while skiing.

Placement of additional baggage on top designed specifically to be robust to accommodate the load, is made of strong, lightweight aluminum. Storage is not just for transporting skis, but also the Harman-Kardon audio device that has two amplifiers, a subwoofer and a speaker as a stage musical.

BMW is not alone, but it took the company K2 Ski equipment providers. In some interior ornamentation are writing K2.

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