Aston Martin city car will be powered V12

When I heard the production version of the Nissan Juke R already delivered on its buyer, manufacturer Aston Martin seems to have a tactic to trip him. For a news sounded British car manufacturer is currently preparing Cygnet city car engined V12.

News Aston Martin Cygnet city car that has a small body shape will air cardiac runway capacity 5.9 liter V2 comes from Autocar magazine. Where the project described in this study to transplant a large machine into the city car has been completed and the large size of this machine is said to be in the engine room without much modification.

Just imagine if the common engine mounted on Aston Martin DBS supercar class included in the small body of the Aston Martin Cygnet. Considering city car measuring just 1.680mm wide, height 1.500mm to 2.000mm wheelbase length.

Maybe cardiac pacemaker super capacity 5.9 liter V12 can enter the engine room city car even a little impressed coercion. But the result, if the car is able to withstand small berbody fierce machine that could produce power 517 hp with 569 Nm of torque is.

For the truth and the results of this project better just wait further news. Because it seemed to be just a fantasy, but for the genius engineer who worked on this project may have a different opinion.   

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