This is the Daihatsu DX and DR, which can disassembly body

Two concept cars Daihatsu DX and DR has its own uniqueness. Because the body of the car can be assembled (knock down) according to taste or color of the wearer desires without needing the help of home modifications. This is the second power of the concept cars besides resin used.

If Daihatsu DR characterize the characters 'sport and fun', then the DR reinforce design 'stylish and elegant'. Both appear to open and close the roof (convertible). Both were born from the idea of ​​a compact sports car and the first to appear in the world.

Daihatsu DX and DR carries the same engine Direct injection, water-cooled series, 2-cylinder DOHC, intercooled turbo capacity of 660 cc. This machine is capable of burst power 64 hp, mated to a CVT transmission system.

In the legs Daihatsu him with a 17-inch diameter alloy wheels wrapped in gum wrappers measuring 165/50.

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