Suzuki SFV650 Scars Fancy Retro

A few days ago, the British division of Suzuki has announced a special edition which they are made. Suzuki Gladius SFV650 this is, a semi-naked bike motorcycle, clad in paint like a motorcycle grand prix classics from the 70s. The scheme changed is the paint, because this section shall conform with the retro theme embraced.

This scheme is taken from the sample RG500 Grand Prix bike, the XR-34 has a style with red and yellow striping. With the color and striping, it seemed to reflect a retro feel that [Ernah present dark era. With form like this seat, plus a distinctive stern shape with retro motorcycle new motorcycle Suzuki makes it more pleasing to the eye.

"For the first time we are including the fans on facebook made ​​the decision to bring a special edition motorcycle for the automotive market. Comes with flowing lines, SFV looks fit and perfect for retro schemes, and proved to be a popular choice. Prices are retail Pundsterling suggested is only 300 more than the standard model priced at 6399 pounds, including a special belly pan, but it will only be available to order for a limited time through authorized dealers. So, if you want we recommend you act quickly. "[har / timBX]

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