Mazda Biante MPV is coming soon 20 September

PT Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) ensures that the Mazda Biante was officially launched on 20 September, to coincide with the opening of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2012. MMI will position Biante as a jazz vehicle mid-size MPV class.

Later in the IIMs, the Mazda stand will fill an area of
​​1315 m2 which represents Mazda as a leading vehicle manufacturer in the future, in which cars provide not only a driving pleasure but also provide environmental benefits and promoting safety.

Mazda Biante, which was launched in Indonesia is estimated to carry a capacity of 2,000 cc engine with 5-speed transmission system automatically.

In the interior, or the middle of the second row seats can be pushed as much as possible to take the back seat area. So that passengers in the second row leg room is felt the most relief.

Biante are going to pave in the country is the first marketed outside of Japan. Indonesia allowed principals to sell Mazda, Mazda initially refused even launch it, but MMI managed to convince the principals that the MPV market in Indonesia is growing quite well.

Mazda Biante has a design that is quite unique. Especially on a model that extends lamp with glass and pulled the car so impressive glass form very long. It can only be found in the Mazda Biante. Another uniqueness of this car, the Mazda Biante have modeled interior with seat model is quite sporty, can be seen from the shape made ​​with accent stitching and forms a completely different car class.

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