Mio looks more futuristic thanks Matic Dough Fighter

Much of the work that has been produced by the workshop of origin Navan, Wins Paddock. Dominance style most often generated based on Street Fighter, like one of his collection of class ranks matic this one. Yamaha Mio output in 2004 has been spiced batter Street Fighter, which is evident in the look ahead. So the crew Wins Paddock prefer to call by name Matic Fighter.

Matic deliberately prepared to "devour" the events of this contest was so frightening to the front view. Where headlamps adopt owned Yamaha Jupiter MX complete with cover. The game follows the supporting legs as suspension obviously had a major impact in building the character Matic Fighter. Consequently shockbreaker Yamaha Byson brought to replace the role of the original shock has been retired. Not just stop there, in order to align with the new forek, the handlebars were replaced with the theme of Robocop.

Futuristic very real impression of the appearance of the front matic, plus the change in body design comes from the fiber that is often accentuate curves and corners. Pieces pretty extreme body also requires changing the position of the rear shockbreaker 45 degrees by relying belongs Yoshimura. Wiwin Furthermore, combining the modifier composition in black and red, quite frightening to see.

Motor matic owned Imoenk from Tegal also has undergone considerable change in extreme braking system, in which the disc brakes rather than put on the CVT matic wheel like the most. Then also on the swing arm, the article shockbreaker position changes and this is what necessitated
holder design updates in the arm swinging. A tapered stern looks and impressive sport makes the vastness of space between the fender and tire. Unfortunately, a gaping carburetor without alias filter pack. Pretty risky too ya guys, if another "JJS" suddenly see rain. [Nus / timBX]


Motorcycle: 2004 Yamaha Mio
Wheels: Kymco R12
Tires: Swallow Deli Tire 120/70 - 12 (front), Swallow Deli Tire 120/70 - 12 (rear)
Shockbreaker: Yamaha Byson (front), Yoshimura (back)
Brakes: Brembo (front), Nissin (back)
Custom: Body Fiber, Jupiter MX headlights, taillights Revo, handlebars Robocop

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