Mazda Takeri the Handsome and Charming

Mazda Takeri the Handsome and Charming. The car was designed by Akira Tamatani inspired Cheetah aggressive and fast. The latest technologies such as Mazda SKYACTIV-D engine with i-stop Mazda Takeri there. Another feature is the i-ELOOP-degenerative Braking, to support the concept vehicle is fuel efficient, powerful, and remain environmentally friendly.

Mazda Takeri is equipped with a SKYACTIV body and chassis technology and SKYACTIV-DRIVE. Also using the latest generation diesel engine SKYACTIV-D combined with a six-speed automatic transmission, SKYACTIV-DRIVE.

Features the i-stop idling stop system that can automatically turn off the engine when the car is stopped and started the engine again, when the car will run. This can save fuel while at a red light.

Takeri also adopting regenerative braking system Mazda i-ELOOP. This technology is the development of Bulding Blocks Strategy Mazda. These systems utilize the energy wasted every time the brake pedal is stepped on.

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