Looks Elegant Honda Crosstour Besutan Vossen

Sometimes display auto manufacturers facelift given to an artificial models have not been able to meet the high expectations of its customers as desired. Like the Honda Crosstour facelift version that had appeared in the New York Auto Show earlier this year, given the changes that Honda seem ordinary and not too many interesting displays on the exterior side. Vossen which is a rim variation based in Miami seems to be very careful look at this phenomenon, and a new modification package has been made ​​to change the look of the Honda Crosstour fit the expectations of consumers.

Modification package provided fairly simple Vossen, Vossen just prepared a package of change in the form of a set of new wheels, as well as changes to the cover of the rim that made ​​a little bubble. Although relatively quite a bit of changes are made, the result of this change looks quite charming and able to make the Honda Crosstour's looks more elegant and sporty thanks to changes and white package that covers the entire body of this facelift version of the Honda Crosstour.

One of the things that look very prominent on the changes that are served Vossen is on the legs. The legs was performed charming thanks to the use of five-spoke alloy wheels with size 20 coded CV3 made ​​slightly offside inches from the apron or cover the wheels. Position wheel that looks a bit wonky offside and is obtained thanks to the use of newfangled sports suspension lowered to gain negative camber angle. Yes if you have to tell the truth is the visible changes displayed by aftermarket manufacturers look more attractive than the facelift model displayed manufacturers. And now lives just depends on your taste

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