Looking Opel Cascada start revealed

PARIS (DP) - Opel Cascada became the first mid-size convertible from the manufacturer Opel. The company officially revealed two teaser photos Opel Cascada.
Cascada derived from the Spanish word that means Falls which implies elegance, dynamic, flowing, beauty, freshness, and of course the pleasure of driving with the roof open.

Opel Cascada offers well proportioned with the appearance of a premium aura. The company claims will use quality materials.

Scheduled to appear in early 2013 has sleek dimensions with a length of 4.7 meters. Will be embedded cutting-edge features. To open or close the roof can be done when the car drove at a speed of 50 kph.

Opel Cascada is a global product. Opel becomes the third product introduced this year after Mokka and Adam.

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