Ferrari Shown Sweet Touch of Blessing Office-K

Office-K has a good reputation As with tuner sports car. They have done what is in front of him either small or large changes. Currently re-targeting sportcar Italian flavor Ferrari Prancing Horse logo. What kind of changes are applied to the Ferrari? Consider the following presentation.
This is a Ferrari 458 Spyder which now appear milky white and a little stripe color combination of Italian nationality. At the front there is the addition of lips spoiler, made ​​of carbon that makes it look elegant Ferrari into. Headlamp zoom currently using mica darker, make the white color of the body more shine. Side skirts were too, received the attention of the tuner.

Kits are used to this car, it has been optimized with the aerodynamic package in order to increase the pace of the car. Switch gets toe, this milk white Ferrari has used Savini SV37 rims 22 inch size transform and sustain the force to make it more elegant. While tire rims wrapped, using a low-profile rubber on the road so that more perfect foundation. In addition, the rear fascia too, is also changing with the use of carbon fiber materials. And finally, to add sound to be more ferocious, tuner Office-K replace the exhaust by using Kreissing.
Interesting is not it, although the initial look of the Ferrari is already compelling, but as a result of the change was to make Ferrari look more attractive. Nothing wrong when picking up change was the modification of the reference, congratulations creative guys.  

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