Some Benefits of Honeyed

Honeyed so many have good efficacy. Is the honey is applied to or ingested, is highly nutritious and there are no side effects are also safe from damage / no expiry.
It is advisable to avoid eating them with hot water, use cold water or warm water to nutrition and quality maintained. Main Ussage Honeyed are:

1. Clean the dirt in the intestines, blood vessels and other
2. Neutralize body moisture.

Ussage Honeyed others are:

1. When licked can eliminate sputum, gastric washing and getting rid of dirt, suitable for treating cough with phlegm, and beneficial for seniors who have complaints on sputum
2. Smoothing the body's natural system,
3. Warms the body stable and open blockages in the body to relieve unpleasant medicine,
4. Streamlining urination
5. Be able to repel insects and opium influence of marijuana, when taken in warm water mixed with rose
6. Can treat pain caused by rabies or mushroom poisoning
7. Preserve food, a hunk of fresh meat that entered into it preserved for 3 months as well as the cucumber, squash, eggplant and even fruit can be preserved for up to 6 months
8. Can also to preserve dead bodies, such as the mummy technique pangawetan
9. When smeared into the hair and scalp to kill lice and removes dandruff, hair lengthen, beautify and soften
10. When used as kohl can sharpen the view and treat cataracts
11. Could teeth whitening and polishing, maintaining healthy teeth and gums when used as toothpaste
12. Could serve to open the blood vessels knots and cleaning feces
13. Also beneficial for the liver and kidneys and bladder (clean).
Well from now consume honey to supplement food and drink.


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