Exercise can prevent cancer

Exercise is a natural way to maintain health and prevent disease. Research shows, actively engaged every day can keep you from risks such as heart disease and cancer.

Sports medicine specialist, Dr. Phaidon L Toruan MM, expressed, exercise is a must. "Just as you pray and pray in accordance with the religion and beliefs to spiritual needs, the sport is a physical need," he said.

Phaidon added sports or in everyday language as training is an activity that uses physical force. Today, with the increasing of degenerative diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, in the end many people know that one reason is the lack of exercise.

Starting from this, the sport can be regarded as "medicine", which then also inspire a replacement for exercise therapy (sport therapy). It is better to prevent than cure. Well, in addition to healthy, regular exercise has been proven to prevent the emergence of diseases, especially obesity as a gateway diverse chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease-related blood vessel (cardiovascular). Therefore, the problems often experienced in people with excess body weight is a high metabolism.

"Metabolism is affected body mass. Greater body mass, the more energy it takes to burn calories. Condition will be dangerous if rarely exercise," said the professor of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Timothy Church MD MPH PhD.

Various studies have been handed the findings of an international scale benefits of exercise for health and disease prevention.
A recent study conducted by researchers in the U.S. also revealed that regular exercise can protect men from prostate cancer.

Conclusions are based on the results of their tests on 190 male participants who had a prostate biopsy. That the participants were quite active, although just walk away for a few hours per week, it is significantly less likely to have prostate cancer.

The majority of men in this study (approximately 58 percent) in their daily life is much less motion and more sedentary (sedentary). In other words, even if he made an activity of walking, they were at most only do it in less than 1 hour per week. The study also reported that the exercise (exercise) made the man who has prostate cancer can minimize cancer progression toward a more malignant.

"The rising share of exercise performed, diminishing the risk of cancer," said urologist at Duke University Medical Center in the United States, Dr. Jodi Antonelli, who led the study of writing.

Responding to the results of a study published online in the Journal of Urology September 22 issue, the urologist at Duke and the Durham Veterans Affairs Hospital, Dr. Stephen Freedland, revealed that this finding is certainly useful as a reference for medical scientists who are still looking for evidence related benefits of exercise for cancer prevention.

"There are dozens of studies that report the benefits of exercise in reducing the risk of prostate cancer, some of which even a large-scale study. However, everything is still confusing and leaves a question mark," he said.

In addition to prostate cancer is the most feared of the adam, women can also benefit from the exercise, keep the risk of breast cancer.

This was revealed in a study by a team of researchers from the University of Southern Californiadi Los Angeles. They found that high-intensity exercise movements such as swimming, aerobics, and running can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

According to researchers, exercise or exercise may reduce cancer risk through changes in metabolism and the immune system by reducing weight gain.

For the purposes of this study, the research team involving 110 599 participants in the California woman whose medical history traced since 1995. Compared to participants who were only exercising less than 30 minutes a week, female participants who diligently perform high motion activity for more than 5 hours a week are known to have reduced risk of developing invasive breast cancer by 20 percent, and 31 percent of cancers for early-stage breast cancer.
The study was conducted primarily to look at the cumulative effects of sports or exercise a higher risk of breast cancer. Before diagnosed with breast cancer, on average participants claimed just do a little exercise.

"The results of this study with additional evidence about cancer prevention through physical activity is strenuous, but fun in the long run the risk of invasive breast cancer who had or still early stage," said the researcher, as noted in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine

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