Efficacy, Content and Benefits of Apples

Efficacy, Content and Benefits of Apples - apple trees are generally grown in the mountainous regions, highland air cool. Apples are also delicious eaten in addition to many more uses. Eat apples with the skin should be men, of course, apples are washed prior ago. skin can accelerate the process of blood clotting in wounds, as well as prevent a bloody nose

In a study conducted by a team at Harvard Medical School discovered a chemical and called Routine. is an anti-clotting agent in the arteries and veins.

Chemicals called routine is apparently found in Apples (Apples Benefits), oranges, onions, black and green tea, which all were expected to be the future alternative drugs to protect against heart attack.

Efficacy, Content and Benefits of Apples
- "Routine compounds proved to be the most anti-clotting potential that we are testing. These findings suggest that the routine can treat and prevent blood clots kind, "Excerpts from a study led by Prof. Robert Flaumenhaft quoted by Fox News. So great was the privilege of the benefits of an apple that need to be considered its own advice from Make

Efficacy and Gynecology Apples

Perhaps we often eat apples, but do we know the content contained in an apple? Various content contained in apples include protein, carbohydrates, fat, energy, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, vitamin A, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin and many other nutrients. Apple fruit contains many nutrients that are beneficial to health, regular consumption of apples, of course would be very helpful as well as parts of the body organs to work optimally because nutritional needs met.

Benefits And Benefits Apples In Everyday Life, Namely:

1. Preventing asthma - According to research, children who frequently consume apple juice a day  had a lower risk of asthma.
2. Preventing lung cancer - Those who consumed the most apples had a 50% risk of lung cancer.
3. Preventing colon cancer.
4. Preventing breast cancer.
5. Prevent liver cancer.
6. Lowering cholesterol - Someone who consume apple a day, 2 times a day will lower bad cholesterol levels as much as 16%.
7. Lose weight - Studies suggest that people who consume apples more or less 3 times a day, she will lose weight faster.
8. Very good for strengthening bones.

Apples also are excellent for diet menu for women who wish to maintain health and beauty. The content of apples are low in fat and cholesterol but high in energy to assist the diet without reducing stamina and daily activities.

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