Asthma Symptoms and Triggers

How asthma can happen? Someone had asthma when the airways in the lungs exposed to inflammation so that its diameter was narrowed.
The muscles in the walls of the airways tighten, then produces mucus that blocks the airways.

Symptoms and signs of asthma vary at each
people, such as:

Shortness of breath.
Chest pain or
Disturbed sleep due to breathing
a short, coughing, or sneezing.
There was a sound like whistling or
sneezing when you breathe out.
Pain when coughing or
sneezing which is then exacerbated by respiratory infections such as
flu or a cold.

Beware if the symptoms were more severe and more frequent
because people with asthma can also be affected by complications. Diameter respiratory
patients likely narrowed permanently. Patients can also be affected
severe asthma attacks and should be hospitalized. There are also complications due
side effects of long-term treatment of asthma consumed to stabilize

Not yet known exactly why some people develop asthma, while
others are not. The most likely reason is a combination of environmental and
genetically different in each person. Thus, a person can develop asthma if:

His family has a history of asthma.
When small frequent respiratory infections.
Often adjacent to active smokers.
Living in areas affected by air pollution.
Environment-related work with chemicals, such as
factories, farms, and salon.
Birth weight below normal.

Differences in asthma was also seen on the trigger. Research
to date found that asthma can be triggered by:

Allergens (allergy-causing)
flown by the wind, such as animal dander, dust, and pollen
Allergic reactions
some foods, such as nuts or shellfish.
Respiratory infections,
eg colds.
Physical activity, especially
types of exercises that can trigger asthma.
The air is cold.
Air pollution, such as smoke
plant or vehicle fumes.
Certain medications.
Stress and emotional distress
added to the diet.
The menstrual cycle for
some women.

One characteristic of asthma is not curable, but
symptoms can be controlled. Control is done to avoid
asthma triggers and know the symptoms.

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